“Even though the Shamanic Voyages business is relatively new, the integrity and reputation of the founders preceded it. That is what drew me to this travel company, besides the most remarkable places to travel and discover!!! I accompanied Crow, Nanouk, and other remarkable shamanic healers to Mongolia in July 2017. It was one of the most extraordinary journeys I have ever been on. So many experiences are still in my heart from the land, the people, ceremonies, and fellow travelers that were also drawn to this journey.
The focus on collaboration with Shamans in their native land as well as our unique ceremonies brought a deep and significant richness to this type of travel. The trip was well planned and organized to create an amazing feeling of ease, safety, and fun!!!!
I felt cared for and nurtured even in those “unexpected” situations that is beyond anyone’s control, such as weather, pests, van breakdowns, itinerary changes, and tent fires! The leadership and support from this team was amazing.  They provided incredible life changing experiences that could only have happened with this travel group. Without a doubt, I will travel with Shamanic Voyages again!!!!”
Dr. Theresa Pigott, Michigan, 2017


Mongolie: "Ce voyage a été  incroyable. La puissance et la presence de la nature étaient là. La connexion avec tout notre environnement était incroyable et indescriptible. J'ai eu le sentiment d'être chez moi et d'avoir la capacité de me reconnecter à la Terre-Mère, toutes mes pensées et mes sensations dirigées vers elle. Ca a été si incroyable, si profond. C'est un voyage inoubliable."

Mongolia: "This trip was amazing, the power and presence of nature were there, the connection to all our environment was incredible and indescribable, I felt at home and have the ability to reconnect to Mother Earth all my thoughts and feelings directed towards her, it's been so incredible, so profound, it's an unforgettable journey. "  - Angelique H.,, 2017 2017


Pérou: "Ce voyage a été un vrai plaisir, la rencontre avec des habitants accueillants et généreux et des paysages époustouflants. La Terre-Mère est ici si douce et enveloppante, comme une maman embrassant ses enfants. Pendant tout le voyage, nous avons été accompanié par les esprits, l'esprit de la montagne au Mahupicchu, l'esprit du lac au lac Titicaca. La lune nous a également suivi et guidé pendant ce séjour. Le contact avec la nature était si doux et tendre et les couleurs fabuleuses, le vert des paysages sont inimaginable, la nature si riche."

Peru: "This trip was a real pleasure, the meeting with welcoming and generous people and breathtaking landscapes.The Mother Earth here is so sweet and enveloping, like a mother kissing her children.While we were traveling, we were accompanied by the spirits, the spirit of the mountain at Mahupicchu, the spirit of Lake Titicaca Lake, the moon also followed and guided us during this stay.The contact with nature was so soft and tender and the colors fabulous, the green landscapes are unimaginable, nature so rich. "  - Angelique H., 2018

"John is a dedicated, well-informed, selfless leader, who has extensive experience in worldwide shamanic practices. I had the pleasure of joining him as he led his first Shamanic Voyage to Mongolia. Clearly John is answering his soul’s call in offering Shamanic Voyages. Recommended highly, without reservation! GO!" Suzanne S., 2017


 “I just returned from a 2 week trip to Peru with Shamanic Voyages. This was my second outing with Shamanic Voyages. My first trip was to Mongolia- which was fantastic. I never thought I would go on a trip better than that one. But I was wrong... Peru was even better!

  One week was spent in the jungles of Peru in the Amazon Basin, the final week was spent in the Cuzco area including Inca sacred sites. We had  day trips outside of Cuzco to visit and experience the amazing mountains and landscape as well as local culture .

   The ceremonies I experienced while both in the jungle and in Cuzco were healing and life changing for me. The Peruvian shamans that facilitated the rituals sometimes worked in tandem with John (Crow) our leader and founder of Shamanic Voyages.

 These people are NOT weekend shamans- they are the real deal !

 I call this type of trip "Spiritual /Adventure Travel". At times I have gone with Shamanic Voyages  by plane, then boat ,then a hike in order to get where we need to go. I am always up for rewarding adventures and deep spiritual experiences . Can't wait for my next chance to go back to Peru with Crow.” Cyd R., 2018