Mongolia - june 26th-july 9th 2017

                                                This trip invites you to discover Mongolia through Mongolian shamanism.                                                                                                            It is an opportunity for cultural as well as shamanic exchanges.                                                               We will be sharing shamanic practices, ceremonies and rituals to honor the Spirits and Mother Earth.


Shamanism in Mongolia is One of the epicentres of the shamanic World.

This will be a unique journey to Mongolia, a source of shamanic tradition. In the steppe, in this land of shamans, we invite you to join us for two weeks to enjoy the beautiful country of Mongolia and its spiritual culture. You will discover ancient rituals practiced for millennia. During these rituals, shamans become intermediaries between humans and nature spirits. They ask for psychic healing, physical, emotional or spiritual for their patients. They thus restore the natural harmony.

The overtone singing and the Jew's harp, which is part of the musical life of this country, and the sound of the drum are special ways to connect with the spirit world. During this stay, you will encounter Shamans, who will accompany you to the center of yourself (opening of the heart and consciousness). Through techniques of purification and energizing the body and mind (meditation, rituals, shamanic journeys, power animals, nature spirits ...), we will experience different states of consciousness.

Five Mongolian shamans including Har Sono andTenger Huu both great torchbearers of spirits, accompany our group this fortnight . Our leisure and shamanic activities will connect us to a spiritual dimension, the Mongolian nomads and nature. You will share the daily life of nomads, visit museums and monasteries. 

For this trip we partner with the mongolian travel agency Orso Voyage who will assist us all the way.

Orso voyage website

To ensure the quality of this experience in Mongolia this trip is open to shamanic practioners or people with shamanic experience only and will take place in a small group (minimum of 10 people required-maximum of 13 people), to be intimate with local shamans. Throughout this trip you will be accompanied by Nanouk and Crow to perform and share rituals and ceremonies with Mongolian shamans (Medicine Wheel Ceremony, Sweat Lodge Ceremony…). This journey will be conducted in english.




DAY 1 - June 25th

Flight from USA or Paris to Ulaanbaatar

DAY 2 - June 26th - Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Airport welcome by our local representative and private transfer to our yurt camp. Day dedicated to the visit of the city of Ulaanbaatar. In the evening we invite you to a show and welcome dinner in our yurt restaurant, with 4-5 participants per yurt.

DAY 3 - JUNE 27th - Ulaanbaatar / Khogno Khan

Excursion to the mountains of Khogno Khan. Mount which rises at 6450 feet above sea level at its foot is the monastery Khogno Tarniin Ovgon, more commonly known as Ovgon monastery. There will be meditation and shamanic practice around the monastery of Uvgun. Dinner and overnight will be in a yurt. Tonight we will stay in yurts in the tourist camp that are equipped with 4 beds per yurt.

DAY 4 - june 28th - Khogno Khan / Karakorum

After a peaceful night at Mount Khogno, we are again on board our bus to the city of Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia. Guided tour of the monastery Erdene Zuu which was the first permanent Buddhist monastery to be established in Mongolia. In the evening, rituals with the shamans.

Day 5 - june 29th - Karakorum / Tsagaan Sum

After the Gobi desert, central Mongolia is larch forests, rivers, monasteries, sand dunes and a sense of freedom ideal for shamanic practices.Dinner and overnight will be spent with pastorialists in yurts. The comfort will be basic but nothing unaccepable.

Day 6 - june 30th - Shamanic ceremony Day

We will begin our shamanic day with the mongolian shamans on the beautiful green steppes at our camp. We will be in the woods far from tourist structures, no shower, no toilet. The meals will be at the campfire. We will sleep in a tent. During the day we will visit the Tuvkhni monastery, nestled in the forest.

Day 7 - july 1st - The Orkhon Valley

Breakfast in the yurt and then ride to the falls Orkhon. We will have many panoramic views of the entire valley. Gradually the steppes become more panoramic and gradually as we cross the vast part of the Orkhon Valley. Lunch will be in the open steppe. There will also be the possibility for swimming at night in the camp. Tonight we will be greeted by a nomadic family who will lodge us in their yurts and offer to share in the traditional meal horhog-cooked mutton- so appreciated by the Mongols.

Day 8 > 11 - July 2nd to July 5th - Four days in the Orkhon valley

During these 4 days, in this beautiful sacred places you will experience ceremonies and have the opportunity for individual consultations with the mongolian shamans. We will possibly do a Sweat Lodge ceremony as well. Har Sono and Tenger Huu with 3 other torchbearers will demonstrate their traditional wisdom.

Day 12 - july 6th - Taikhar

In the morning we arrived in the provincial capital Tsetserleg (Garden) and visit the local market called Zayiin Gegeen. In the afternoon we visit Taikhar, a huge rock stone steppe environment that holds many legends. We then take the road for a half hour drive to our camp. We are greeted by a comfortable yurt camp with hot showers.

Day 13 - july 7th - Ogui Lake

Arrival at Ogui lake, rest and shamanic rituals at the lake. In the evening to dine fish from the lake. Tonight we will have our closing shamanic Ceremony.

Day 14 - july 8th - Return to Ulaanbaatar

Today we start taking the road east towards the city. The landscape changes dramatically giving way to vegetation in arid steppes lined with golden dunes on the horizon. This trip will take us 260km by 4x4 back to Ulaanbaatar to spend an evening dinner with the local team in camp yurt. Hot meals for lunch and dinner.

Day 15 - july 9th - Back in USA or France

You are welcome to extend your stay and attend the Naadam festival (2 days) for an additional 200 dollars or attend an extension of one week in the Gobi desert with Orso Voyage (consult us for details).


  the tour price is 2400 US dollars                                                           all inclusive - except aIRFARES.

Price includes :

  •  Transfers airport / yurt 
  •  The nights planned in yurt camp in Ulaanbaatar with full board
  •  All board during tour, mineral water
  •  4 nights in a comfortable yurt with hot shower
  •  5 nights with a nomadic family
  •  Car + 4 × 4 driver
  •  English Interpreter
  •  Four to five shamans for the duration of the course
  •  Cook
  •  Local guides on walks
  •  Shamanic Ceremonies, individual consultations
  •  Admissions to parks and museums mentioned
  •  Traditional Mongolian Show


Price does not include:

  • Airplane tickets
  • Visa (if necessary-not necessary from the USA)
  • Travel insurance / repatriation 
  • Extra drinks / alcohol
  • Any service not mentioned in the program


To book your tour, please confirm your agreement by emailform.

We will then ask you to :

  • Send the registration form,
  • Send the deposit
  • Send copy of your valid passport. 

We require a deposit of 30% of the amount total of your circuit by bank tranfer.                                                                         Confirmation will be sent to you upon receipt of this deposit.


The balance of your trip must be paid by bank transfer                                                     within 45 days before arrival Mongolia.

To request the travel form and deposit instructions, contact us at :


Cancellation Policy :
If you or another member of your group should cancel his trip, you should notify us in writing at the earliest. Because of the costs incurred we make a deduction of 20% of the total amount due + bank transfer fee                                                                     You can purchase cancellation insurance from ORSO at registration. Cost of 60 Euro per person. This insurance allows you to be reimbursed for all of the deposit for cancellations. Bank charges are at your expense.

Presentation of the shamans

During our travel, we are pampered and accompanied by Mongolian shamans that will help us discover Mongolian shamanism, tell their story and their journey. You will have many opportunities to visit the Mongol oracles that come through their intermediaries.

The shamanic tradition of each country is specific but the Mongolian shamanic tradition has remained authentic and honest despite numerous reprisals waves.


Har Sono



Har Sono is a man very committed to becoming a recognized shaman. General business doctor, senior adviser to the Mongolian shamanism association, Har Sono shaman practice for 10 years and ancestral rites and important member of the shamanic Gerliin Urguu Association of Mongolia. A member of the Circle of Wisdom ancestral, Har Sono comes every year to attend the Shamanic Festival in France along with other Mongolian shamans. Har Sono collaborated with the grandmother Ayangat in writing a book called "Shamanism in Mongolia".




Tenger Huu



Tenger Huu is a member of the Circle of wisdom, Head of the Mongolian delegation to the Circle of wisdom international, Tenger Huu is the president of association of shamans Gerliin Urguu. He has organized numerous shamanic events in Mongolia including the International Festival of shamanism in Ulaanbaatar in September 2015.




Shar Hadaan












About our partner ORSO VOYAGE :

Since 2004, we are a travel agency, a company registered in the Ministry of Tourism of Mongolia under the 21106289 reference, we organize trips to Mongolia on horseback, on foot and by 4x4. Since 2013, we organize initiation travels in Mongolia in the company of great shamans of Gerliin Urguu association. We are a hundred people working within the structure of the ORSO agency. We urge local and nomads to keep the authenticity of our travels, we also prefer the charming accommodation and authentic places rather than places frequented by mass tourism.

With our agency known since 2004, we guarantee safety and reliability of our services and the satisfaction and pleasure to discover the country with confidence.

You can find extensive information on our travels on the website of our agency:

Orso voyage website


Preparing for your trip to Mongolia

    We are confident that this trip will be an unforgettable experience for you. In order for it to be unforgettable and positive, you will need to be properly prepared. 

    First of all, as we will be traveling to a distant country with inherently different norms and customs, it is advisable for you to prepare yourself for the unexpected. The food choices will not be familiar to most of us and special dietary requirements may be difficult to meet. When away from Ulaan Bator, (most of our trip), accommodations will be very basic, sleeping in yurts or tents at night, no running water or toilet facilities, (this means answering natures call out in nature). Be prepared also for wide fluctuations in temperature from around freezing at night to as high as the nineties Fahrenheit (35 C) during the day. Properly layered clothing will be essential for comfort.

Our Mongolian partners at Orso Voyage will prepare us with instructions for observing local customs and polite behavior when meeting our local hosts during our travel throughout the countryside. We also encourage you to spend some time researching the culture beforehand yourself. There are many instructive videos available on-line.

    Packing for this trip should be given careful consideration. We recommend the following items at minimum. Personal Pharmacy: including Aspirin or equivalent, antibiotic cream or salve, insect repellent and bite treatment, Immodium tablets for diarrhea and a laxative, eye drops, sunscreen, throat lozenges, lip balm, bandaids and wound dressings, as well as any medications you regularly take, or toiletries you may require. Bring micropur or iodine tablets if you will for those who want to drink cold water, otherwise we always have hot water or green or black tea (traditional drink in Mongolia.)

-No vaccination is compulsory in Mongolia, tetanus vaccination is still highly recommended. 


    No visa is required of U.S. citizens for visits under 90 days, but your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from your date of entry. You must have your passport on your person for the duration of your stay in Mongolia. 


    Also consider bringing some spending money, but remember when abroad locals often insist that U.S. paper currency be new bills with no signs of wear. Euros and local tugrits (tg) are preferred.

    For your personal comfort you may wish to bring along a sleeping bag and sleeping mat such as a thermarest. And of course, don’t forget your rattle and drum!

    For your convenience you may want to record the following to keep with your passport:

US Embassy at Ulaanbaatar - Denver Street #3 - 11th Microdistrict - Ulaanbaatar 14190, Mongolia


    For any specific questions or concerns contact us here.



All photographies provided by Orso voyage and Agnes Fayet