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The steppes of Mongolia, land of shamans, land of horses.

June 26 - July 9, 2019

(Three day extension available to attend the Nadaam Festival, Mongolias annual national celebration.)

This will be a return to Shamanic Voyages' maiden voyage destination of the beautiful land of Mongolia, where the practice of shamanism is more vibrant today than perhaps anywhere else on earth. Join us for a journey across the Eastern steppes in the company of native Mongolians and shamans and experience the Blue Sky Country, where we will spend two weeks staying in gers, (yurts), and tents among the horses, yaks and other creatures of the steppes. Learn about Mongolian history and the shamanic traditions of this ancient civilization and get to know some of its wonderful people. Group size will be 10-15 people.

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We will once again be working with our Mongolian partners, Orsos Voyages to provide support services for our group. They will join me to meet you at the airport, and provide transportation, meals and hospitality while you are in Mongolia, as well as offer an optional three day extension to your trip in order to experience the largest national celebration in the country, the Nadaam Festival. This festival includes competitions such as horse races, archery contests, wrestling and much more. The additional cost for this will be $360 USD, (subject to current exchange rates). But leading up to this will be an unforgettable twelve days of travel across the Eastern steppes of the countryside. As with all Shamanic Voyages trips, the focus will be on shamanism rather than mainstream tourism, so if you want a more rounded experience of Mongolia, and your time and resources permit, we will be happy to arrange additional time in the country with Orsos Voyages in your behalf.

Our trip will begin at Orsos compound on the outskirts of Ulanbataar, the Mongolian Capital. Due to the international nature of our travelers, travel to and from Mongolia is not included in our offering. It will be up to you to arrange your trip into and out of Ulanbataar Airport. Once there, all lodging, travel and food is included in the cost of the trip,with alcohol, private shamanic consultations, massage and souvenirs excluded.

Our first day will be dedicated to acclimating and restful activities, such as visiting Ulanbataar for shopping and seeing some local sights. Dinner and entertainment will follow at the Orso yurt camp. We will also use this time to get to know one another at our opening ceremony. The entertainment will be provided by ‘Domog’, an excellent traditional musical group. We will end our day sleeping in a yurt, locally called a ‘ger’.

On the second morning we will depart for the Eastern part of the country, Menengiin Tal. This will be a long day of travel, with lunch served picnic style along the way. We will stop for the night in a yurt camp, share dinner and get to know our shamans and staff.


Early the next morning, we will continue our voyage across the vast expanse until we reach our destination in the Menen Steppes, at the encampment of a Mongolian herder who will host our group for the next four days. This area is known for its geological diversity of mountains, valleys, oases and plateaus, with nomad camps occasionally dotting the landscape. We will now settle in to our routine of ceremony, instruction and meditation. This will be the time to absorb the incredible power of the natural surroundings and feel the presence of the spirits, both ancestral and natural, that inhabit this beautiful ‘Blue Sky Country’. We will begin each day with ceremony, and end each night in community, under an absolutely incredible night sky.

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Our Mongolian host shamans will include Khar Sono, who joined us last time, and a second shaman to be determined soon. With them we will experience the oracular merge and witness the way they access the wisdom of their ancestors. We will open ourselves to the techniques of purification of body, mind and spirit, while we discard the influence of the harmful conditioning we experience through living apart from Nature. Together we will work to restore the balance necessary for harmonious living and the state of grace necessary to be of service to others.

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At the halfway point of our trip, we will continue on to the Khundlun Valley. If anywhere can be called the middle of the steppes, this is it. Here we will be among yaks, horses, goats and camels, where fences are built to keep the animals out, rather than in. During this portion of our stay, we will be staying in tents, or under the stars of the vast sky of Mongolia. This part of East Mongolia is rich with larch forests, rivers, monasteries and openness that will invade you with a sense of freedom and wonder. We will be camped by springs and streams of clear, pure water, presenting us with the beautiful natural surroundings that are sadly becoming more rare as societies move further away from the natural world. Here we recharge and affirm our commitment to our Earth Mother in preparation for our return to daily life.


On our tenth day we break camp and make the long trek back to Ulanbataar. We will again stop along the way for a lunch by the trail before continuing on to the Orso yurt camp for dinner and sleep. The next day we will reenter the daily life of Ulanbataar with a visit to a Cashmire store, lunch at a restaurant and an afternoon visit to the famous Ulanbataar market. In the evening we will have a closing ceremony around a fire. The next morning, those who are returning to their home countries will be driven to the airport. Those who have decided to stay for Nadaam, will remain at the camp for the additional program.

When booking your travel, it is highly recommended to buy travel insurance. Make sure your passport will be valid for six months beyond your travel dates. Individual consultations and massage from the shamans are about $20 USD each. Money can be easily exchanged at the airport, or through an ATM while in the city. There is NOTHING in the countryside, so plan ahead. More details will follow as the trip nears, including prices and payment schedules, policies etc. To see some photos from our last trip go to ‘our past trips’ page on this site. Questions? contact: Mail@ShamanicVoyages.org