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The Peruvian Amazon, December 3 to 16, 2018



Join Crow on his long awaited return to the rainforest of the Peruvian Amazon. We will be hosted on this trip by don Cesar Agustin Rivas, or Viejo, an old and dear friend. He is the son of don Agustin Rivas, with whom Crow has worked in the past, and who we may also have an opportunity to meet. Viejo has agreed to interrupt his usual schedule to join us for this special shamanic retreat that will include drum journeying, medicine ceremonies, personal healing work and working for the health and balance of the Earth. As always, this trip is intended for those with shamanic training. Interviews and preparatory reading/video material, as well as dietary restrictions will be required to prepare participants for this trip and ensure the best experience. Those who are solely interested in having an Ayahuasca experience are encouraged to go elsewhere. There are other venues for that. This is for serious shamanic practitioners and students only.

We will begin our trip by meeting at the Lima Airport and then continue on to Iquitos, where we will visit some local sights while getting to know one another. That first night we will dine at the "Dawn on the Amazon Restaurant" where they will offer us choices for dinner that conform with our Pre-ceremony diets.  The next morning we will head out to the jungle camp, Yushintaita, (which means 'Spiritual Father'), where we will settle in, hold an orientation for what is to come and then begin our first ceremony. The Huito ceremony will be to focus the energies to our senses. We will apply the clear juice of a local fruit to our hands and faces, where our primary senses are located, and during the night it will turn our hands and faces black, (temporarily). This also will signify our group kinship.

On our second day in camp we will purify our bodies and spirits with the Oje' purge. This will probably not be your favorite part of the experience, as there is some physical discomfort, but it passes after a short time and it has both physical and spiritual benefits, leaving one clear and purified for the ceremonies to come. The preparatory diet and personal work you do prior to this trip will contribute to your preparedness to work with the healing and teaching medicines of the jungle.

The shaman will then determine the specific special diets for each of us, learn of our personal healing and learning goals, and announce when our first Ayahuasca ceremony will take place. Shamanic Voyages policy is that no one will be required to fully participate if they are reluctant to do so, but for group cohesion, all will be expected to be present at all the ceremonies that they can.

These first three or four days will open the possibilities for all that is to come in the rest of our visit. Viejo and Crow will remain accessible to help you make this experience both safe and productive. There will be many opportunities to join in ceremony and healing sessions throughout our time here, and there will also be warmth and levity.

Other highlights of this trip will be an opportunity to take part in the preparation of the Ayahuasca, an excursion onto the Amazon River to visit nearby villages, an initiation ceremony of deep shamanic significance, (if you dare), and many other teachings and sacred rituals.

Once registered, you will have access to a private Facebook page for voyagers only, where the trip will be described in greater detail. It will also be a forum for questions and answers, study material, detailed preparatory instructions and items of general interest to those who will join us.

The Cost for this trip will be $2300 USD, not including airfare to Lima, Peru', our meeting place at 8:00am on December 3rd. Being a non-profit organization, we can offer this very reasonable price for a two week experience you will never forget, but if you would like to support this work, additional donations are gratefully accepted.  We are also pleased to again be working with Rosa Zanetti of Pascana Travel for all of our Peruvian travel and lodging arrangements, and thank her for providing us with Lilia as our translator again. This kind of trip is always an adventure, we are blessed to have friends we can trust to make it all it can be!

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The steppes of Mongolia, land of shamans, land of horses. Summer 2019

This will be a return to Shamanic Voyages' maiden voyage destination of the beautiful land of Mongolia, where the practice of shamanism is more vibrant today than perhaps anywhere else on earth. Join us for a journey across the Eastern steppes in the company of native Mongolians and shamans and experience the Blue Sky Country, where we will spend two weeks staying in gers, (yurts), and tents among the horses, yaks and other creatures of the steppes. Learn about Mongolian history and the shamanic traditions of this ancient civilization and get to know some of its wonderful people. Group size will be 10-15 people.


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